Recruitment Summary for avex WORLD AUDITION 2008


Five categories

Singer category

Actor/actress category

Fashion model category

Dance category (team entry only)

Composer category



【Singer, actor/actress, fashion model and composer categories】

Unmarried males and females, ages 7−24.
(Applicants for the artist category are expected to sing in Japanese.)

【Dance category】

Youth part: Males and females, ages 7−18;
General part:Males and females, age 19 or above.
(Team entry only ※Number of team members: 10 or below)

Other requirements

※Regardless of nationality.
※Can communicate in Japanese and perform in Japan if selected.
※Not in exclusive contract with other productions, record labels, or music publishers.
※Those under age 20 need parental approval.

If applicants are bound by any requirement specific to their nations/regions in relation to this audition, applicants have to meet such requirement. The Avex Group is not held responsible for any matter or dispute attributable to the applicant.


Privileges for grand prize winners

The winner for the artist category to debut with CD release.
The winner for the dance category to gain prize money and extra
prize.Other winners will also be provided with opportunities to
perform as entertainers and fully supported by the Avex Group.

How to apply

(Choose A, B or C.)※Application is free of charge.

Personal visit

※Auditon will be conducted in Japan.
※No advance registration required.

Please check the Japanese official website for dates and venues.
Traffic, accommodation and other expenses to be born by applicants

Please make sure to bring necessary documents listed below.

Applicants are to introduce themselves and give a performance for 30−60 seconds, such as singing a cappella, dancing, acting and talking. For the dance category, the time limit is 90 seconds.

※Necessary documents need to be submitted on the day of audition.
※Sound sources are not used at this first stage, except for the dance category.
※Documents, photos, sound sources and other submitted materials are not returnable.


Please send necessary documents listed below to the following address. In case of recommendation by others, attach his/her name, address and contact information.

Applicants for the singer, actor/actress, fashion model and dance categories are required to additionally enclose their self-introduction materials and performance videos (DVD, VHS, or miniDV).

※Applicants for the singer category are required to enclose their demonstration sound sources (singing in Japanese).

Applicants for the composer category are required to additionally enclose the demonstration sound sources containing their original tunes (CD, CD-R, MD, DVD, DVD-R, cassette tape, or VHS).

Documents to be sent to:

avex WORLD AUDITION 2008 Administrative Secretariat
Poste Restante
AkasakaPost Office
Tokyo, Japan 107-8880

※Please ensure to write correct address and put stamps.
※Documents, photos, sound sources and other submitted materials are not returnable.
※Postage and other mailing costs to be born by applicants.

Application period:

From Friday, August 1 to Friday, November 28, 2008 (Applications must arrive by November 28. 2008)

≪Necessary documents≫

※Common to “A. Personal visit” and “B. Mailing”

Please download the Entry sheet and two color photos (face close-up and full-body) pasted on it.

Please make sure to fill in all the necessary items such as address, name, age, phone number, and e-mail address.

Those under age 20 need to have their parents sign the entry sheet.

Please use the color photos taken during the last six months. Snapshots are acceptable.

Please use the clear face close-up and full-body photos.

Please write name and address on the back of the color photos and paste them firmly on the entry sheet.

※For the dance category, only team leaders are required to complete the entry sheet.

≪How to obtain Entry sheet≫

Please print after downloading the following and use it.

Entry sheet (PDF/size of file: 94KB)

Adobe Reader is necessary to print.

Via web

(For entries from overseas or those recommended by others)

Please click here. Photo data is also necessary.

※Applicants for the singer, dance and composer categories are required to provide URLs on which their self-introduction videos/sounds are posted.

Application period:

From Friday, August 1 to Friday, November 28, 2008


Audition process

First selection : Screening through A, B and C applications.

Second selection : To be held for those who pass the first selection.

Third selection : To be held for those who pass the second selection.

Final selection : Final session is planned in Tokyo.

Only those who pass the first selection will be informed by the avex WORLD AUDITION 2008 Administrative Secretariat by the middle of December. Applicants may not contact us for application status.

※Those who pass the selection in the dance category are to participate in the separate dance contest “The 1st avex Dance Master Cup” to be held in Japan.


Notes on entry for AUDITION

※We will ensure that personal information is properly collected, used and managed in accordance with the Avex Group’s privacy policy.

For more information, please see the Avex Group’s privacy policy at

※Please understand that the images and sounds recorded in the selection process may be used in various media, including TV, magazines and websites.

※Please also understand that applicants may receive the Avex Group’s related information.

※Your personal information will be used for the purposes of audition and notice.

※“Please use this page and participate in the audition with the understanding that this project as well as terms of service and terms of participation comply fully with Japanese laws.”