Frequently Asked Questions

Q&A about application

Any fees for having the audition?

There is no entry fees to the audition. In case of traveling to Japan, the travel expenses and hotel charges will be paid by AWA2008 Secretariat.

In Japan it seems that there are judges present in the primary audition. Isn’t there such a system overseas?

Presently, we have no plan to employ the system outside Japan. We plan to individually meet those who pass the primary audition by means of WEB and applications mailed. The date/time and place will be informed directly to individuals.

I have my site to show my performance. Is it possible for you to take a look at it?

Yes, of course. Please write in your application the URL of the site where we can see the video picture/sound source for your own PR.

What is the necessary level of Japanese language?

The level of daily conversation is acceptable. It would be better if you can read and write. If you are now studying, include the results in your PR sentences as much as possible. Even without the skill of Japanese language, those who are living in America can apply through the following site.

I am not Japanese, but can I apply?

Yes. If you are interested in Japan and can speak Japanese, you are more than welcome. If you win the Grand Prix of your entry category, you must be able to work in Japan.

Q&A about audition details

What am I supposed to do in the audition?

The points for the audition in each category are listed below for your reference in considering your performance.

・Singer category
Select a Japanese song. It is all right for you to sing while dancing. If the song is original, inform us of the fact.

・Actress/actor category
a.Monodrama (the subject is free, and it should demonstrate expressive power/lines)
b.Do some acting (e.g. acting when you find a cute dog)

・Model category
Posing in front of camera, though there is a wide range of model fashion and photogravure. Or demonstrate your walking, etc. Your charm point should accurately be photographed.

・ Dance category
No particular style is specified, but you should demonstrate a dance that most expresses the strength of your team.
For the dance category, we only accept “team application.” (not more than 10 persons)

・ Composer category
Inform us of your site URL where we can listen to your demonstration sound source recording your original music or in case of postal mail, send a CD, a CD-R or a MD to our operation secretariat.

The above shows details for each category, but if you have no specialty in particular, you can talk about yourself (appeal yourself by saying, “this is what I am, I am proud of this.” Mimicry, a short performance, etc. are also acceptable). Challenge with what you can do best.

Am I free to select a song for singing?

You can freely select a song that includes Japanese lyrics. The key of the song can be selected as you like for your easy singing.

Is a beginner for the audition acceptable?

Don’t worry, you can have the audition. We have received many people who are beginners for the audition. Be free to apply.

We like to apply with two persons as a unit.

This audition is for individual persons, but a band/unit composing of multiple persons can participate.
Even when multiple persons participate as a unit, however, individuals are judged as a rule.